Why You Hear What You Hear


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Web resource for the book

Why You Hear What You Hear is available at Amazon.com, Princeton University Press, and other bookstores.

Why You Hear What You Hear is a groundbreaking new book on acoustics, psychoacoustics, musical systems and musical instruments published by Princeton University Press. Approximately 700 pages, full color, nearly 400 illustrations, special multiplatform applets, linking with sound creation and analysis software, a dedicated website, and dozens of sound files set this book apart. Why You Hear What You Hear actually explains rather than merely describes sound, its perception, propagation, production, and much more.

On this site you will find downloadable files and links to all the sound, applet, and data referenced in Why You Hear What You Hear, plus much more not referenced there.

If you do not yet own a copy of Why You Hear What You Hear, a sample chapter can be downloaded here in PDF format.

The links to the left take you directly to the associated files and supplementary material for the named chapter.

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